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Catholic agrarianism is a grassroots movement being fueled by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of many in the US and throughout the world. However, since the lifestyle is counter-cultural and the movement young, it can feel isolating as one searches for kindred spirits who share this charism.  Expand the map below to see where other Catholic agrarians are located.

The Map has multiple "layers" which allow you to view the locations according to category.  Categories (with some overlap) include Non-farming Kindred Spirits, Farms / Homesteads, Internship Opportunities and Institutions.  Entries indicate farms that sell products for those who want to purchase their food from fellow Catholic agrarian farms.

Disclaimer: people are drawn to Catholic agrarianism for different reasons, and one should not make presumptions about people listed on this map.  This site has little control over who submits entries, and makes no claims about their values, lifestyle, principles, farming methods, liturgical preferrences, etc.  We simply make this map available as a networking tool.  While it is safe to presume that anyone on this map agrees on some level with the principles and vision explicitly espoused on Catholic Agrarian, and wants to be in contact with those who share that, please be respectful as you contact people.  Harvesting of contact information for marketing purposes is forbidden.  Please only submit a map entry if you in good faith want to connect with other fervent Catholics who agree with the principles stated here.



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If this charism burns in your heart, consider adding yourself to the map as an encouragement and resource for those who may live near you.

In partcular, if you have something to offer, this map is a good way to make yourself known to others who may be searching. Many people are looking for sources of local food from a farmer they know and trust, and for educational or internship opprtunities. If your farm or institution provides either of these, please make yourself known here.