Book Resources


You Can Farm, Joel Salatin
An excellent all-round must read for any aspiring farmer.  This book was one of my original inspirations to farm, and provided some valuable lessons I still benefit from today

The Independent Farmstead, Shawn and Beth Dougherty
Catholic homeschooling parents of 8, the Doughertys have created the go-to book for those who prefer a family homestead to a commercial farm.  Crucial reading for anyone wanting to raise animals for dairy and meat.

The Natural Family Where it Belongs, Allan Carlson
Carlson combines a collection of essays on the new agrarian movement, emphasizing the productive home as the defining characteristic of rural life.

The Market Gardener, Jean-Martin Fortier
A practical, real-life blueprint for a profitable small scale market garden.  We originally modelled our farm off this book.  Essential reading for anyone hoping to grow vegetables for sale on small acreage.

The New Organic Grower
Coleman is a pioneer and veteran farmer in the small farm world, and his works will go down as classic references for years to come.

The Winter Harvest Handbook, Eliot Coleman
Amazingly simple methods to extend the growing season into the winter, even in Northern climates.

Pastured Poultry Profits, Joel Salatin

Rural Roads to Security, John Rawe and Luigi Ligutti
Essential reading from Catholic priests Fr. John Rawe and Fr. Luigi Ligutti.  These men understood why Catholics need to embrace homesteading and farming, and articulated it beautifully in the 1940s, a generation before Wendell Berry.